Not all radiology facilities are the same. It takes a special person to be able to work with children of all ages. DIA Invision Health, we are truly a full-service radiology facility. Not only do we do adult radiology, but we are the regional leaders and experts in Pediatric Radiology.

Our nurses and technologists have an extensive background and training in working with Pediatric patients.

CT Scan: The American College of Radiology together with the Society of Pediatric Radiology has recently emphasized the need for decreased dose administration in CT scans performed in pediatric patients. The initiative is termed "Image Gently" and DIA was one of the first radiology groups to commit to this campaign. This is a concept that our office strongly endorses and has followed in principle for many years. One major way in which radiation dose can be reduced is by controlling dose administration by adjusting the settings used for CT scans. Our scanner is a GE machine which has specific built-in protocols to control dose not only as prescribed by the radiologist but also internally on a slice to slice basis. We fully support the emphasis by the ACR and the SPR to diminish radiation dose, and will continue to use every technical advancement to limit radiation dose in adult and pediatric CT.

DEXA: We use a Dual Energy System, which is considered the gold standard, and gives a more accurate reading. We also specialize in Pediatric Bone Densitometry and are one of the few imaging centers that can diagnose bone loss in children.

DIA Invision Health can accommodate almost every imaging need in children including the following:

  • Upper GI with Small Bowel Follow Through
  • Pylorus Ultrasound
  • VCUG and Renal Ultrasound
  • Hips Ultrasound
  • Scoliosis Study
  • Spine Ultrasound for Sacral Dimple
  • Scintiscans
  • Brain and Pituitary MRI's
  • Neonatal Head Ultrasound

For information on pediatric examination preparations or for additional information regarding our services, please contact our office at (716) 636-1902.