What is CT or Cat Scan?

CT is a detailed x-ray examination that provided cross-sectional pictures of the body, which are called slices. A CT scan often requires the use of oral contrast to line the stomach and bowels or IV contrast to enhance the visibility of certain tissues or blood vessels.

We use a GE Lightspeed Plus CT scanner with multi-slice technology (spiral) that enables quick scanning times, low doses of radiation and produces high- resolution images that can be reconstructed in multiple planes and 3D images. There may be some preparation for your CT exam. The scheduler will advise you when you are scheduling your appointment.

DIA Invision Health also participates in the Image Gently program for pediatrics. The CT scanner is accredited for Adult and Pediatric patients.

Studies Performed, but not limited to:

Head - Brain - Temporal Bones - Orbits - Sinuses
Cervical Spine - Lumbar Spine - Thoracic Spine
Shoulder - Elbow - Wrist - Hip - Knee - Ankle - Foot
Soft Tissue Neck - Chest - Abdomen - Pelvis - Renal Stone Protocol
P.E. Protocol - High Resolution Chest - C.T.A.

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