What is X-ray?

X-ray is the oldest and most frequently used form of medical imaging. X-rays can produce diagnostic images of the human body on film or digitally on a computer screen. DIA Invision Health utilizes a CR system (computerized radiography), which processes and stores the x-rays as a digital image.

X-ray imaging is the fastest and easiest way for a physician to view and access the lungs, broken bones, joints or spinal injuries. At least two images (from different angles) are taken and often three images are needed if the problem is around a joint (knee, elbow or wrist).

Studies performed but not limited to:
Abdomen Series / KUB Hand Shoulder
Ankle Heel Sinuses
Chest Hip Spine - Cervical -Lumbar - Thoracic
Sacrum Coccyx Scoliosis Study
Elbow Knee Wrist
Femur Lower leg Ribs
Finger/thumb Neck Bone Age Study
Foot Pelvis Humerus
Forearm AC Joints Clavicle

What is Fluoroscopy?

Fluoroscopy is a form of x-ray that allows the radiologist to see certain organs and structures in real time as they are functioning. Frequently x-ray contrast is used. The contrast agents allow the structures to be viewed on a monitor. The contrast agent may be swallowed or injected intravenously or inserted via a tube depending on the organs being evaluated. We use digital Fluoroscopy which allows for clearer images, less radiation and shorter exam times. The time for a complete exam, however, varies from individual to individual depending on their own anatomy and function.

Studies performed, but not limited to:
Esophagram VCUG
Upper GI Arthrogram injections
Small Bowel Hysterosalpingogram
Barium Enema IVP
Barium Enema with Air Therapeutic Hip Injections

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