What is MRI?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is an advanced, medically established diagnostic study that utilizes a strong magnetic field and radio waves to produce very sharp images of your body.

Our Siemens 3T MRI scanner has a significantly larger opening. This scanner provides comfort for our claustrophobic patients, as well as our larger patients, while still capturing crystal clear images.

In responding to the requests from our patients and referring physicians, we have installed a high resolution dedicated Breast coil for Breast MRI. We use the latest software, which allows for all aspects of Breast Imaging and Biopsies. When combined with our 3T wide bore MRI, it allows for resolution of structures under a millimeter. In the early diagnosis of Breast cancer, MRI may be an alternative to traditional mammography.

MRI scans typically take 15-45 minutes. Detailed studies may take longer. Please refrain from wearing any jewelry. Patients with aneurysm clips or pacemakers may not have an MRI. When making an appointment, we will ask you some additional screening information to ensure your safety.

Our board certified, fellowship trained radiologists review and interpret all MRI studies, with most reports to your physician within 24 hours. If requested, we can produce exam images on either CD or film.

Studies Performed, but not limited to:

Musculoskeletal: Shoulder - Elbow - Wrist - Hand - Hip - Knee - Ankle - Foot
Abdomen & Pelvis: Liver - Pancreas - Adrenals - Kidneys - Pelvis
Head & Neck: Brain - IAC's - Pituitary - Neck Soft Tissue
Spine: Cervical - Lumbar - Thoracic - Sacrum
Thorax: Mediastinium - Chest Wall - Brachial Plexus
M.R.A.: Circle of Willis - Carotid - Peripheral Runoff - Renal
Breast - Breast Biopsy

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